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2023 ITP Awareness Week – #Planking4Platelets and #LightUp4ITP

From Monday, 25th September to Saturday, 30th September, Australia and New Zealand turned PURPLE for Immune Thrombocytopenia in the annual #LightUp4ITP awareness campaign, and we kicked off the inaugural #Planking4Platelets challenge.

The campaign to raise awareness for those living with ITP and ITP Awareness Week for 2023 kicked off on 1st September with our #Planking4Platelets Challenge.

We had so many amazing people across the country participate, including gyms, studios and patients.

This was the first year of the initiative, and we’ll be continuing to hold this event in future Awareness Week activities.

While Danielle and Patricia kicked off the campaign early, we saw the campaign become international, with the biggest cohort being from North America, thanks to Dr Cindy Neunert, along with the members from the Pediatric ITP Consortium of North America all participating.

In addition to the inaugural #Planking4Platelets Challenge, we announced the inclusion of New Zealand, launching the new ITP Australia and New Zealand logo.

Over the course of the last 12 months, we’ve already been providing New Zealanders with support and information.

We’ve also been working with the team at Rare Disorders New Zealand to advocate for significant change throughout the New Zealand Health System for those living with our rare disease.

And lastly, we can not forget the amazing efforts for #LightUp4ITP, including the billboards in both Melbourne and Adelaide!

#LightUp4ITP spans Australia and New Zealand!

Over 150 iconic locations across the two nations shone a purple light to help raise public awareness of Immune Thrombocytopenia. That’s a record number!

We put Immune Thrombocytopenia in the national and international spotlight and sparked conversations, got people asking questions and talking about ITP around the two nations and globally.

From across all major cities, regional and rural areas, there were council buildings, houses of Parliament, courthouses, stadiums, town halls, opera houses, theatres, museums, convention centres, art galleries, clock towers, water towers, bridges, train and tram stations, fountains, trees, ships, gardens, foreshores to name a few that lit up the night in purple. This year, thanks to Crown Melbourne and SA Power Networks, we also got billboards to display messages about ITP.


It was an incredible show of solidarity and support for those living with ITP and the ITP community. We witnessed Australia and New Zealand going all in for ITP.

Not only did so many locations light up at no cost, but they also raised further awareness by promoting ITP Awareness Week across their social media channels.

The Illuminations are not only a means of raising awareness but also show people living with ITP that Australia and New Zealand are alongside them in their ITP journey and let them know they are not alone. It also offers all those impacted by this rare disease an opportunity for reflection.

There was much excitement around Light Up 4 ITP 2023, and thank you for supporting our Illuminations campaign!

Thank you to everyone who went out to see these iconic locations light up, snapped a photo of themselves, uploaded their pictures, and shared their photographs and experiences across socials.

“Congratulations to Patricia on all of your hard work in delivering over 150 locations across Australia and New Zealand for #LightUp4ITP in 2023. Without your effort, ITP patients across Australia and New Zealand wouldn’t have the visibility that you’ve given them. From one ITP Warrior to another, thank you!” said Danielle

Get behind the Light Up 4 ITP 2024 campaign!

If you’ve got a building or structure you’d like to see turn purple, contact the organisation or council in your area or email us at with your suggestions so we can add them to our 2024 list!

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