How it Started

Our CEO and founder, Danielle Boyle, was diagnosed with Immune Thrombocytopenia in June 2015.

Looking and feeling healthy, she thought that she just ‘bruised like a peach’ and that, along with her other symptoms from over the years were considered normal. Then in June 2015, after a trip to the hospital with what she thought was the flu, a full blood count identified Danielle as having ITP.

Luckily, her diagnosis was made under the trusty skills of haematologist and one of Australia’s leading experts in ITP, Dr Robert Bird.

During her regular visits with Haematologist Dr Robert Bird, at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, he spoke with Danielle about building a website for ITP in Australia.

With the assistance of a charity specialist accountant and lawyer, ITP Australia Ltd was registered as a not-for-profit charity in March 2018.

Our mission at ITP Australia Ltd is to provide carers and patients of ITP in Australia with up-to-date and Australian-relevant information. We will also work with other international charities and organisations to build the awareness of ITP within Australia.

Our board and CEO volunteer their time to ITP Australia and all donations and funds raised by ITP Australia go towards providing information and building awareness of ITP.

Jake Boyle

Husband of Danielle Boyle, Business and Strategy Specialist

Charlotte Fey

Government and Communications Specialist

Danielle Boyle

(Director, Chief Executive Officer & Founder)
ITP Patient, CEO and Strategic Marketer

Patricia Cordina

(Committee Member)
ITP Patient, Retired Teacher and Volunteer