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ITP Australia Website Upgrades and New Patient Resources

Over the last 3-6 months, ITP Australia has been working behind the scenes to develop some important patient collateral and materials and add more information across

We have so many amazing clinicians on the ITP Australia Medical Advisory Board, and we are joined by three new amazing clinicians that many ITP Patients know.

At Blood 2022, we launched the Newly Diagnosed Patient Brochure which introduces newly diagnosed ITP Patients to ITP. As many patients have experienced, when you receive your new diagnosis, the first point of call is generally Dr Google.

The development of this new brochure, which is available in both print form and downloadable from our website, offers patients general information about Immune Thrombocytopenia, including a little about the disease, symptoms and where to find more information.

Our hope, in the coming months, is to translate this brochure and have it widely accessible to all Australian ITP patients upon being diagnosed, and not just those who speak English.

Use at Daycare, School & Before/After School Care

Our other new piece of collateral is the new Student Fact Sheet.

We encourage parents of children with ITP, to:

  • download this document from the website
  • fill in the information
  • laminate it
  • and share it with their children’s teachers, day care centres and before/after school care centres.

Our website has also had a few new additions. These include:

  • New Clinical Trial Register: Where you can find out more about active ITP clinical trials in Australia
  • Mental Health & Support Services: We all need help from time to time, so we’ve added some information about where to go when you need the most help.
  • Treatments Updated: With the THANZ Treatment Guidelines published in Australia nearly 12 months ago, we’ve gone through our list and added additional information regarding those available in Australia for ITP.

For more information, visit

Have an idea for other patient resources, or can you help with translating our resources, reach out and send an email to us at