ITP Awareness Week 2024

Monday 23 - Sunday 29 September 2024

This is the 9th Annual ITP Awareness Week, which is held across many countries across the world.

Held from Monday, 23 September 2024, to Sunday, 29 September 2024, this year will be bigger than the last as we kick off the global campaign to raise awareness for Immune Thrombocytopenia.

There are plenty of ways to get involved, and we’ve provided a list of just a few …


Are you set to challenge yourself and the community around you?

During the month of September, we’re asking our ITP Community to select an exercise starting with the letter P. We’ve gone with planking. Then, it’s time to SET, RECORD, SHARE, AND CHALLENGE.

Once you’ve chosen an exercise starting with the letter ‘P’ (for platelets), it’s time to …

  1. SET Your Goal – This is a time limit or, with something like push-ups, you can add a number.
  2. RECORD your efforts so that you can let your community know that you’ll be participating in #Planking4Platelets
  3. SHARE your effort across social media AND –
    1. Include the hashtags – #ITPAusNZ #ITPAwarenessWeek #ITPAware #Global4ITP #Planking4Platelets
  4. CHALLENGE others in your video & tag your friends and family, and have them help raise awareness for ITP.

Fundraise for ITP

Not everyone has time during the working week to organise and host a fundraiser to help raise awareness for ITP, so we’ve added an additional day to Awareness Week so you can enjoy time with family, friends and the community.

While there are many ways to bring everyone together, here are a few suggestions for themes for your fundraisers.

Purchase an ITP Awareness Pin and Card

Purchase and ITP Awareness Pin and and wear it all year long. It’s a great conversation starter at work, amongst friends, family and within your community.

Each purchase helps ITP Australia and New Zealand to continue our work in helping to raise awareness, providing support and advocating for patients living with Immune Thrombocytopenia.

And don’t forget to share it across social media using
#ITPAusNZ #ITPAwarenessWeek
#ITPAware #Global4ITP 

Shop the latest ITP Fashion

Want to walk into September in style? Awareness Week is a great opportunity to add to the wardrobe and help a cause close to you or your loved ones.

Head to our Redbubble store and check out the designs, apply it to a great range of items including tees, caps, aprins, phone cases, stickers and more. We’re loading new designs all the time, so make sure you like the store and pop back to see when new designs have been added.

Then best part is that ALL designs have been created by ITP patients and all profits go to supporting ITP Australia and New Zealand.


We’ve secured over 100 locations across Australia and New Zealand to turn PURPLE during September to help raise awareness for those living with Immune Thrombocytopenia.

While the list continues to grow, there’s always an opportunity to add more to our growing list.

If you have a building or structure you’d like to see turned purple, contact the organization or council in your area or email Patricia at with your suggestions so we can try adding them to our already massive list!

And don’t forget to share it across social media using:


I sporT purPle for platelets day

Friday, 27 September 2023

ITP Awareness Week 2024 Poster

Get your school, workplace, family and friends involved and have them wear purple.

  1. Download the Poster
  2. Add your town, city or country
  3. Wear something purple
  4. Take a photo with family and friends
  5. Share your photos across social media using the hashtags below