Real ITP Survey Reveals Negative Impact on the Quality of Life of Patients

The interim results for the I-WISh survey undertaken by Novartis, which collaborated with 480 health care providers across 13 countries, found that a high percentage of patients with Immune Thrombocytopenia experienced negative impacts to their quality of life due to the immune disease.

These interim results were presented at the 23rd Congress of the European Haematology Association (EHA) in Stockholm, Sweden in January 2018.

“These initial data from the I-WISh survey reveal how a rare blood disease like ITP can significantly affect a patient’s ability to live and function in their day-to-day life,” stated Samit Hirawat, MD, head of Novartis Oncology Global Drug Development, in a recent statement.

Other findings included:

  • Findings from more than 1,300 patients across 13 countries showed ITP had especially high impact for many patients on emotional well-being (36%) and ability to work (28%)
  • About two-thirds of patients reported fatigue as the most severe symptom at diagnosis and survey completion, underscoring the effect of ITP on day-to-day quality of life
  • Interim results of the ITP World Impact Survey (I-WISh) one of the largest surveys ever conducted in ITP, were presented at EHA

The final results will be published later this year.

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