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ITP Australia & New Zealand makes it mark at Blood 2023

During November 2023, ITP Australia and New Zealand participated in the annual Haematology Conference, Blood 2023, held in Melbourne, Victoria. This marked the organisation’s third consecutive year with a presence in the Exhibition Hall alongside other non-profit organisations.

In an effort to enhance visibility and impact, a strategic decision was made to elevate the presentation of the booth. Under the guidance of Danielle’s marketing expertise, the booth was designed to be prominent and stand out. This was achieved with large platelet signs strategically placed on the stand’s structure, ensuring immediate visibility upon entry into the exhibition hall and the team adopted bold red colours to facilitate easy recognition amidst the diverse crowd of healthcare professionals.

Building upon the positive engagement experienced at the 2022 event in Sydney, ITP Australia and New Zealand opted for an interactive approach rather than a conventional display of brochures and flyers for the event. The resulting interactive String Wall aimed to capture insights from attendees regarding the most commonly reported symptoms of Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP). A notable observation was the prevalence of fatigue among the responses.

The String Wall will be featured at the 2024 ITP Patient Conference in Canberra on Saturday, 9 March 2024, providing an opportunity to gather insights directly from ITP patients.

A digital form will be made available for those unable to attend, ensuring comprehensive data collection.

The event also served as the platform for the official launch of the Adult Treatment Information Cards, detailed on page nine of the materials. These new resources are anticipated to be instrumental in disseminating critical information about adult treatments, contributing to the organisation’s overarching objectives of awareness and education.

Thank you to our amazing volunteers, Patricia Cordina and husband Steven, for dedicating their time and energy to helping to raise awareness of ITP Australia and New Zealand and the support we provide patients. New Zealand and the support that we provide patients.

And finally, thank you to every healthcare professional who visited our booth, provided insights, and obtained informational materials. Your collective engagement significantly contributed to the success of Blood 2023 and with your assistance, we can improve the lives of those living with Immune Thrombocytopenia throughout Australia and New Zealand.