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Virtual Patient Meetings

MEET – CONNECT – SHARE – Join us online during our regular Virtual Patient Meetings.

When navigating life with an autoimmune condition like ITP, it is vital to have access to clinical information and to find a community of support. Connecting with the ITP community is more accessible than ever!

ITP Australia understands that in-person meetings aren’t for everyone, so in 2023, we launched five small and intimate online Virtual Meetings. These Virtual Patient Meetings are a great resource to allow all patients to come together online, meet other patients, caregivers and families, learn from each other, share stories about their journeys and support each other.

We recognise the value of sharing your experience with others who understand the unique challenges of our rare autoimmune disease.

Since we kicked off our first meeting on Tuesday, 7th February, we’ve had a great number of ITP Patients join us to meet other patients and connect with them, share their stories and learn more about the various developments within the ITP community.

Thank you to all the attendees who have attended, and we’ll be looking to extend this program into 2024 due to its ongoing success.

Participating in our Virtual Meetings is FREE.

Register for our next meeting on Tuesday, 10 October 2023, by visiting