2023 ITP Awareness Week

Monday 25 - Saturday 30 September 2023

This is the 8th Annual ITP Awareness Week which is held across many countries across the world. Held from Monday, 25 to Saturday, 30 September 2023, this year will be bigger than the last as we help kick off the global campaign to help raise awareness for Immune Thrombocytopenia.

There are plenty of ways to get involved in 2023. Here are just a few …

Push-ups or Planking for Platelets

Are you set to challenge yourself and the community around you?

During the month of September, we’re asking our ITP Community to select an exercise starting with the letter P ~ we’ve gone with push-ups and planking ~ and set a goal for yourself for the end of the month.

  1. Select your exercise of choice
  2. Set a Goal –
    1. EXAMPLE 1 ~ 2-minute plank on your knees by the end of September;
    2. EXAMPLE 2 ~ 30 wall push-ups in a row with no rest by the end of September
  3. Record a message and let your community know what you’re planning to achieve and that you’ll be challenging them during the month
  4. Video your effort and share it on social media
    1. Tag in ITP Australia
    2. Include #ITPAustralia #ITPNewZealand #ITPAwarenessWeek #ITPAware #Global4ITP #Planking4Platelets #PushUps4Platelets
  5. Tag a friend, family member or someone in your community and CHALLENGE them to join the cause
  6. Keep it up until the end of September, and let us know how you go!

Be Part of ITP Awareness Week 2023

As part of 2023 ITP Awareness Week, ITP Australia will be launching a campaign across Australia and New Zealand to showcase ITP Patients and their stories.
We’re encouraging all ITP patients to get involved so we can promote Immune Thrombocytopenia to the wider community through various mediums, including photography and video.

The more ITP Patients that participate, the greater the impact it will have.
If you’d like to be included, please complete the below form and send us a photo of yourself to be included.

The more ITP Patients that participate, the greater the impact it will have.

Complete the survey today, and don’t forget to include your photo.

Join the Shared Decision Making Webinar

Join us as we participate in the shared decision making webinar with other ITP International Alliance Members, including Caroline Kruze (PDSA), Mervyn Morgan (ITP Support Association) and Barbara Lovrencic (AIPIT Italy) and leading ITP Clinicians Dr Nichola Cooper & Dr Cindy Neunert as we explore the shared decision making best practice in ITP care, personal tips and share experiences.

This event will be held at 1.30am AEST and 4.30am NZDT. A recording will be available from 12pm AEST and 3pm NZDT.

#ITPAustralia #ITPNewZealand
#ITPAware #Global4ITP

Purchase an ITP Awareness Pin and Card

Purchase and wear your ITP Awareness Pin and wear it with your 2023 Awareness Card to start a conversation at work, amongst friends, family and in your community.

Purchase your pin and help ITP Australia to raise awareness for Immune Thrombocytopenia.

And don’t forget to share it across social media using
#ITPAustralia #ITPNewZealand
#ITPAware #Global4ITP 

Light up Australia & New Zealand

We’ve secured 150 locations across Australia and New Zealand to turn PURPLE, to help raise awareness for those living with Immune Thrombocytopenia during September.

While the list continues to grow, there’s always an opportunity to add more to our growing list.

If you’ve got a building or structure that you’d like to see turned purple, reach out to the organisation or council in your area,
or email Patricia at admin@ITPAustralia.org.au with your suggestions so we can try and add them to our already massive list!

And don’t forget to share it across social media using

#ITPAustralia #ITPNewZealand
#ITPAware #Global4ITP #LightUp4ITP

I sporT purPle for platelets day

Friday, 29 September 2023

I sport purple for platelets day 2023

Get your school, workplace, family and friends involved and have them wear purple.

  1. Download the Poster
  2. Add your town, city or country
  3. Wear something purple
  4. Take a photo with family and friends
  5. Share your photos across social media using #ITPAustralia #ITPNewZealand #ITPAwarenessWeek #ITPAware #Global4ITP #IsporTpurPle4Platelets

Host a Fundraiser

Saturday, 30 September 2023

Not everyone has time during the working week to organise and host a fundraiser to help raise awareness for ITP, so we’ve added an additional day to Awareness Week so you can enjoy time with family, friends and the community.

While there are many ways to bring everyone together, here are a few suggestions for themes for your fundraisers.