Dr Norman Swan talking about COVID-19, the risk of blood clots and ITP

Dr Norman Swan hosts an ABC podcast called ‘Coronacast’, where they talk all things COVID-19. In a recent episode, he talks about the vaccines, the occurrence of blood clots and ITP.

Australian health authorities and regulators have assured the public that there is currently no evidence to suggest the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine is not safe or is causing blood clots. It’s come in response to several European countries pausing the AstraZeneca vaccine rollout amid blood clot concerns.

Here’s what Dr Norman Swan, Australia’s premier Physician and Journalist, had to say about the Covid-19 vaccines, the risk of blood clots and ITP.

The episode includes a reference to a previous article from Dr Robert Bird, on Blood Clots in ITP.



Source: ABC – Coronacast with Norman Swan and Tegan Taylor